Chronic Illness Treatment in Gallatin, TN

At RightCare Family Practice, we understand patients whose lives, behaviors, and emotional outlook are being impacted by chronic illness. By combining positive reinforcement with medical treatment, our experienced professionals help patients of all ages to heal physically and emotionally from the damages of various chronic illnesses. At RightCare Family Practice, you can learn effective strategies to integrate successful management of disease into daily life.

Chronic Illness Treatment Overview

Treatment starts with effective and individualized goal setting. Because different chronic illnesses require various interventions and intensities of medical services, RightCare’s Chronic Illness treatment services offer a wide variety of therapies and activities designed to meet the individual needs of each patient’s medical, social and emotional health. After a patient’s initial evaluation, our staff of experienced Physicians and Nurse Practitioners will develop a treatment plan that fits each patient’s unique and specialized needs.

RightCare’s clinical assessment and treatment often involve consultations with various specialists and members of our team. Consulting specialists collaborate with the primary physician at RightCare and provide input to the treatment plan. Other consultants with whom we may collaborate include, but are not limited to a neurologist, cardiologist, nephrologists, gastroenterologist, urologist and hematologist.

Many of the new patients at RightCare have serious medical conditions that have reached a critical stage largely due to medical non-compliance. A Physician or Nurse Practitioner directs their medical care going forward to arrive at a collaborative solution.

Medical Management: Teaching patients more about their illness and the importance of medical self-management is a major focus at RightCare Familiy Practice. Our patients may practice managing their unique medical needs, such as monitoring blood sugar levels or skin integrity to watch for signs of breakdown.

Treating the mind as well as the body, RightCare’s team teaches patients of all ages to recognize their emotional needs. Depression or other disorders are not uncommon in complicating a patient’s existing chronic illness. Individuals may exhibit a specific pattern of self-destruction or behaviors that impede them from managing their chronic illness responsibly.

In some cases, the team at RightCare will recommend involvement with a 3rd party support group for specific chronic illness educational focus on attitudes and individual cognitive problem-solving skills. For example, patients with spina bifida or other neurological challenges learn compensatory skills to assist with their memory and learning problems.

Diabetes, Morbid Obesity and Eating Disorders

Diabetes and eating disorders are serious medical conditions. When combined, these conditions can become even more dangerous. Some individuals have learned how to take only enough insulin to survive. Without enough insulin, calories consumed are not used by the body, but are carried out in the urine. Consequently, the person maintains a low body weight.

Care and Goals

Helping our patients learn responsible self-care extends to everyday situations. By teaching practical life skills as part of our chronic illness treatment plan, patients get a sense of control in their lives and a taste of independence. All patients are encouraged and have opportunities to practice realistic, independent living skills such as money management, household chores, time management, problem-solving and employment readiness. As a result, RightCare’s reality-based, functional approach helps patients learn to integrate their chronic illness into a healthy lifestyle.

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