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Our Services

As a Primary Care Family Practice in Gallatin, TN we are proud to offer a wide variety of medical services to our community.

  • Acute Illness

    When the flu, sore throat or any other sudden illness strikes from infancy through senior adults, Right Care will provide:

    • evaluation of symptoms
    • appropriate diagnostics and laboratory testing
    • prescriptions for needed medications and follow-up care.
    • referrals to a specialist, if needed
  • Chronic illness

    If you have a chronic illness such as asthma, arthritis, hypertension, COPD, diabetes, thyroid issues etc., our staff will strive to improve the quality of you life through:

    • evaluation of all chronic medical conditions and diagnoses
    • medication reconciliation and refills
    • evaluation of lifestyle and diet
    • appropriate diagnosis and lab testing
    • coordinating care with specialists
    • development of follow-up care management plans
  • Sick & Well Child Visits

    Your child’s health is a paramount concern for Right Care. As parents, we understand your concerns and will strive to provide premium care for your children from infancy through adolescence. Our care includes:

    • sick child visits for sudden or chronic illness
    • well-child visits that assess all developmental and physical aspects of your child’s health.
    • vaccinations
    • school physicals
    • sports physicals
  • Sick & Well Adult Visits

    The overall health and wellbeing of our patients is a paramount concern for Right Care. We take the time to listen and understand your concerns and will strive to provide premium care for you and your entire family. Our care includes:

    • sick visits for sudden or chronic illness
    • well visits that thoroughly assess all physical aspects of your health.
    • vaccinations
    • physicals
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Womens Health & Paps

    Women have unique health issues and concerns. We are dedicated to providing individualized comprehensive assessment and treatment for women in a caring environment that includes:

    • listening to and addressing your concerns
    • pap smears and pelvic exams
    • breast exams
    • contraceptive counseling
    • management of menopausal symptoms
  • Cardiac Monitoring

    Right Care offers support in managing patients with established heart disease. Our care includes:

    • collaborative care with your Cardiologist.
    • review of medications
    • arming you with knowledge you need to manage your condition
    • discussion of lifestyle changes conducive to heart health
    • telemonitoring
    • assessing patients who are at high risk for development of heart disease
  • Minor Skin Procedures

    • removal of skin lesions and moles
    • biopsies
    • suturing
  • Trigger Point & Joint Injections

    Pain and swelling in the muscles and joints can often be relieved by receiving an injection:

    • trigger points develop as small knots in the muscles and cause back/neck pain. These can often be relieved by injections
    • joint injections often provide relief to patients that experience pain and/or swelling. Common joints that are injected include knee, shoulder, elbow, base of the thumb, wrist etc.