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Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy by RightCare of Gallatin, TN

RightCare offers Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy!

If you’ve ever needed allergy medications, a permanent solution is easier & faster than you think. At RightCare Family Practice in Gallatin, TN, we use a minimally invasive allergy testing & treatment plan for 58 of the most common allergens, plus you get the benefit of working with a fully qualified family practice who is well versed in your medical needs and history.

FAQs about Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy

Some of our patients have had questions about how the testing and immunotherapy works at our practice. Read below to learn more…

How is the testing done?
On the forearms with a skin prick; appointment takes 45 minutes.

Are you sure it’s safe?
All procedures are FDA approved and are very safe.

How much will it cost me?
Insurance usually covers the cost but we will check with your insurance before you are tested and before we order immunotherapy so you are aware of the cost to you.

Shouldn’t I see an allergist for shots/testing?
This is a new protocol that can be done at home.

How often do I come in for injections?
Once every 6 weeks for a total of 5 visits.

What do I do if I can’t come in on time for my next vial?
You can come in the week before or the week after.

Do I have to stop all my allergy meds before testing?
48 hours before testing no antihistamines, cough meds, sleep aids.

Can I still take my asthma/allergy meds during immunotherapy?

What are the steps involved to overcome my allergy issues?

1- Test: Allergy testing is made simple with patented FDA approved technology. One simple 15 min test will identify 58 of the most common local airborne allergens. Additional positive and negative controls are also included in the test to demonstrate effectiveness.

2- Diagnose: Only the highest quality glycerinated extracts are used to ensure efficacious positives. Positives are easy to read, measure, and record. Possible patients eligable for allergy testing include those suffering from asthma, chronic cough, sinusitis, as well as allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis patients.

3- Treat: RightCare Family Practice has partnered with a national leader in allergy testing and immunotherapy who uses its Custom Immunotherapy Compounded Pharmacy Product to deliver unique immunotherapy options custom designed for your patient. Patient receives injections at increasing doses at 6 week intervals until maintenance dose is achieved. Patient self-administers subcutaneous doses 2 times a week for 18 months and returns for allergy testing again to be retested and to continue on a maintenance program.

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