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Family Medicine in Gallatin

The Importance of Family Medicine in Gallatin

Have you ever needed to take a vaccine, get a prescription for the flu, or even wanted to discuss your depression with someone? Well, a family physician is your best option. Surrounding Nashville there are a variety of healthcare provider options. If you’re looking for a solution that provides direct and continuous care for people of all ages, Right Care Family Practice offers a solution called ‘Family Medicine’ in Gallatin, TN.

Family doctors/physicians are qualified professionals who are trained in a breadth of all medical subjects rather than the depth of a specific medical field. Our experienced team of Family Nurse Practitioners work in collaboration with Family Medicine Physicians.  They play an important role in providing direct and continuous care of a person and their family.  Family physicians take care of all types of conditions and believe they all need attention. Whether it is a small bruise, minor illness like the flu or even chronic disease such as cancer, our nurses and doctors are trained and passionate about curing all disorders in order to provide the best care for the patient

Another perk of Family Medicine is that the nurse practitioners and physicians know the patients, their health background and even their family history in order to accurately diagnose any problems. Collecting this information over many years is useful in helping to treat any illness. A family nurse practitioner or physician not only looks after a patient’s physical well-being but also encompasses the patient’s mental and emotional welfare. This allows the patient to trust their doctor in order to confide in them their medical ‘secrets’ which they wish for no one else to know. This is important so that physicians can be familiar with a patient’s medical background and provide continuous care as the patient’s age and medical status changes.

Family Medicine in Gallatin

A shift to Family Medicine in Gallatin also helps patient care methods transition from hospital-based, expensive surgery treatment to an emphasis on low-cost, preventative medicine via changing the lifestyle of the patient. This makes primary care vital for the healthcare system in Tennessee and throughout the US, with family medicine at the heart of the system. Family Nurse Practitioners interact with many different people and professionals to provide the best care available for the patient. These relationships include: physicians, medical educators, researchers, nutritionists, specialists, psychologists …and the list goes on.

Through a long-term relationship between patients and Family Nurse Practitioners, primary care allows our nurses and doctors to progress change over time, provide preventative treatment, limit costly procedures, refer patients to specialists. Just look at how successful the health system is in Australia, Canada, and the UK….why? Because they have Family Medicine guiding them to provide patient care.

In addition, Family Physicians in Nashville,  in collaboration with out Family Nurse Practitioners, treat all organ systems and diseases. They treat acute and seasonal conditions such as colds or cuts. Family Physicians help maintain problems such as Asthma, Cancers, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Infections, Flu and so on. Furthermore, they administer vaccinations, do tests for athletes, offer prenatal care, counseling, geriatric care and even female care. When patients are traveling to other countries, family physicians even establish a medical plan and provide vaccines for their care while in a foreign environment.

Having the same doctor and nurse practitioner care throughout one’s life provides patients with faith in knowing that they are being well cared for.

If you’re looking for complete care for you and your family, contact RightCare Family Practice today to learn more about Family Medicine in Gallatin.

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